High performance gas engine oil blended in the selected high-quality base oil with the medium ash and special additives to deliver the exceptional control of oxidation and nitration stability, to enhance the lubricity, and to extend the oil drain interval.


• Recommended for lubricating in gas engines; such as power generator, gas compressor with/without turbocharger system, which using natural gas or biogas as fuel.
• Recommended for lubricating in reciprocating compressor operated on gas containing sulfur or halogens.
• Recommended for lubricating in air compressor.

Note : For appropriate sulfated ash level and Total Base Number of gas engine oil, please follow the OEM’s recommendation.

• Enhance piston deposit performance resulting in cleaner engines.
• Optimize control of corrosion by neutralizing acids from combustion product.
• Deliver excellent protection against piston, ring, liners, scuffing, scoring and wear.
• Demonstrate the excellent oxidation and nitration control, and maintain the suitable viscosity over lifetime
• Reduce valve recession.
• Extend the oil drain interval depending on type of gas using in the engines.