Premium industrial turbine oils which formulated with high quality extreme pressure additive (EP: Extreme Pressure Additive) to perform excellent protection for turbine with reduction gear sets. They also offer unique combination of oxidation and thermal stability which results in long drain interval and provide high performance wear protection along with sludge- varnish prevention, superior demulsibility and low foaming formation to maintain machine efficiency.


  • • Suitable for industrial steam or gas turbines with reduction gear sets where extreme pressure or anti-wear performance is required and can be recommended for water turbine lubrication.
    • Various application where rust and oxidation prevention is required.
    • Can be used in hydraulic control systems, vacuum pump, and general transmission systems as rust and oxidation inhibited (R&O) oil.



    • Extreme pressure property (EP) to protect turbine wite reduction gear set
    • Provide excellent oxidation stability and long service life
    • Offer high protection against corrosion and rust on metal surface
    • Good thermal stability and water separation characteristics
    • Minimize sludge formation and filter blocking