contains innovative additives which are developed for use in all type of diesel engine vehicles and advance Common Rail engine. The very effective detergent improve engine and injector cleanliness. Quickly cleaning off deposit by Nano clean power to improve injector spray pattern, fuel economy and reduce exhaust emission. Together with the highest cetane number enhances more power, easier starting at cold weather and better acceleration.


  • Mixing ratio is 1 can (170 mL) of DIESEL FUEL CONDITIONER per 50-70 L diesel fuel.

  • Can be use for all diesel engines with commonrail fuel injection system including older engine technology.


  • • Effectively clean off soot, deposit and any dirtiness for keeping the fuel supply system and fuel injector cleanliness.

  • • Improve the cetane number of diesel fuel for a more complete combustion and maximum engine performance.

  • • Environmental concern : reduce exhaust emission nano-particle which depositing deep in lung surface and generate adverse health effect.

  • • Reduce the foaming of diesel fuel in the tank occurring when refueling.